Macro-economic and social indicators say it all; Africa is growing at a rapid rate.  For the past two decades, the political, social and economic landscapes on this continent have provided opportunities for millions of his sons and daughters. The continent has become the new frontiers for international companies in telecommunications, manufacturing, and other pertinent industries. BRICS countries are increasingly relying on the continent to satisfy the needs of their growing economies, particularly for new energy sources. Members of the African Diaspora are returning home to work for both western and African owned multinational companies and invest their human and financial capital in local universities, banks, manufacturing companies or in entrepreneurial ventures.

Unfortunately, this forward moving picture of Africa does not accurately capture the complexity of the situation. Central African Republic descent into chaos, the silent agony of people in Darfur, the exploitation of thousands of workers in legal and illegal mines in South Africa, DRC, Zimbabwe, the cries of hungry and jobless out-of-school youth on the streets of African cities, and the last breath of hundreds of women dying while giving life in make-shift hospitals, are the painful reminders of the long road ahead for this “new frontier” in bettering the lives of its children.

This blog is a space where I share my thoughts and observations on politics, policies and projects shaping this vast continent.  Through research and daily interactions with the movers and shakers of this continent, I carefully assess complex situations that continually affect the lives of Africans. More importantly, I bring forward my learning from conversations with thousands of my African sisters and brothers whose name will never make the headlines; but whose resilience, quest for better life for some, survival for others, and daily experiences inexorably and faithfully contribute to shape the Africa we see, the Africa we admire and the Africa we envision for the future.

I invite readers to share their experience, criticisms, questions and learning on each post. Your contribution will help shape and enrich our experience with this continent. Please, become part of Africa.

Joseph Sany, PhD

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